The secret to our health and happiness lies in clean air. Our lives and internal processes are largely influenced by the air we breathe. How often have you found that opening a window for fresh air can help you focus more on current events? Consider studying or working.

Pure oxygen is necessary for our brains to function. Therefore, it is important that the apartment is well ventilated. Inside the walls is a complex duct system that requires advanced duct cleaning on a regular basis.

What exactly are air ducts and what are they used for?

As we have already mentioned, air ducts are the “plumbing” system that is installed in the wall. They run across the room. Pipes can be made of metal or plastic. Furthermore, these tubes are available in circular and rectangular cross-sections.

The main purpose of these ducts is to ensure air exchange through the outlet or air supply. Make sure the room is well ventilated and provides fresh air.

Air ducts are divided into two categories: flexible air ducts and ventilation ducts.

The purpose of a ventilation system is to supply and exhaust air to a room. Any material can be used for this type, but galvanized steel is most commonly used. These devices have the ability to heat or cool air. This technique is used when installing air conditioning and ventilation equipment.

The flexible duct is an aluminum foil sleeve. In addition to air heating, this duct is also used to install air conditioning and ventilation systems.

However, the air ducts need to be cleaned. The constant air flow collects dirt, dust, grease and other particles in the ducts. Our air duct cleaning service is here to help you breathe clean air and feel good about your body and mind.

Air duct cleaning

Our experts clean quickly and with high quality. Our clients choose us because of these two key factors. Our company’s many years of experience allow us to accurately assess the condition of air ducts and find the best cleaning method. Also, the cost of cleaning the duct does not include an estimate as it is completely free. We can check all your ducts, create a work schedule and do it all for free. We leave the choice to the customer.

Reasons to Mandatory Regular Cleaning

Good health

The build-up of dirt provides excellent conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungi. If you then inhale the polluted air, the bacteria can stick to your mucous membranes and cause all sorts of allergic reactions, bronchitis, runny nose, and occasionally something more serious like Staphylococcus aureus.

Mental health

Due to air pollution, our brain does not get enough pure oxygen to function properly and actively. Thus, causing problems in the neurons and nervous system. Depression and irritability develop, productivity decreases, sleep problems develop. Stress is more likely to affect people who habitually breathe unclean air than people who breathe fresh air.

Duct state

In areas where dirt has already accumulated, the dirt settles three times faster. If you don’t keep it clean, the pipes construction material will rot and you will have to replace the entire pipe. This emphasizes the importance of air duct cleaning.

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