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Air duct cleaning when what types, and how often

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Air Duct cleaning when what types, and how often it’s needed

Air duct cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining a safe and comfortable home and is the goal of every homeowner. Unfortunately, various particles, such as dust, debris, mold, bacteria, and other allergens can threaten the air quality of a home.

This can make it difficult for the average person to breath comfortably. It can also increase the chances of respiratory issues in family members.

For very young, very old, and those with health issues or compromised immune systems, these particles can pose serious health risks.

This makes it very important to find methods for improving air quality in the home. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget about air duct cleaning.

What are Air Ducts?

Air ducts are a series of channels and vents in the home’s heating and cooling system.

These ducts provide a path for air to be pushed through the home. In the winter, the heating system blows warm air throughout the house to maintain a comfortable temperature.

In the summer, the air conditioning system provides cooler air for this purpose. Often, in the fall and spring months, when the systems are not in use, there is no air being pushed through this system of ducts and vents.

How Do Air Ducts Get Dirty?

During the time-periods where the furnace or air conditioning system is not being used, there is no air being blown through the air ducts in the home.

Any dirt, dust, debris, or even allergens that are floating in the air can settle in the ducts and vents of the home. If condensation forms in the ducts due to high humidity or changes in temperature, it can create more problems in the ducts.

This moisture can provide a perfect environment for mold and bacteria to grow inside the air ducts. Damage to the air ducts can also create a method for more dirt and debris to enter this area.

Even pests can sometimes make their way into the ducts of a home and leave behind materials that can be hazardous. Over the fall and spring months, the air ducts can accumulate a lot of problematic particles that can become a potential health hazard.

Why is this a Problem?

When particles for the air collect in the air ducts, they can build up and create a large number of potential allergens and other irritants. When the furnace or air conditioning is turned on again, it can blow these particles throughout the entire home.

If mold and bacteria have grown, especially due to damage of the air ducts, it can create a continuous problem for the household. This can greatly diminish the air quality in the home and put loved one’s at risk of serious problems.

Although the worst air will be at the start of each season, many issues can continue to cause pollutants to contaminate the air throughout the home all season long.

How to Correct this Problem?

The best method for correcting this problem and providing cleaner air for one’s family is to have Air duct cleaning performed regularly. There are companies available to provide professional air duct cleaning for residential and commercial customers in Charleston SC by calling 843 608-8042. They offer affordable and reliable to service to provide a thorough cleaning of the entire duct system in the home, including the vents and registers. This ensures that when the heating or cooling system is turned on, only clean and fresh air is pushed throughout the home.

Air duct cleaning when and what

Other Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Although it has only been in the past few years that people recognize the importance of proper air quality in the home to provide a healthier environment, there have always been known benefits of air duct cleaning. Proper air duct cleaning by a professional in South Carolina can help with the entire heating and cooling system’s functionality. Without all of the dirt and debris blocking up the ducts and vents around the home, the heating and cooling systems do not need to put out as much effort pushing air through the home to provide a comfortable temperature. Removing all of the particles and debris that can accumulate in the air ducts can also reduce odors in the home that can emanate from this build-up.

What is the Air Duct Cleaning Process?

It is recommended that cleaning of the air ducts be performed every three to five years depending on the home’s situation. Damaged ducts or a home with those more sensitive to these particles may require more regular cleaning. When the technician arrives, they will begin by dislodging and removing any materials inside the ducts. Once that is complete, the entire duct system will be inspected for any residue, such as bacteria, mold, or other harmful materials. Once analyzed, if any residue is found, the air ducts will be thoroughly cleaned with a disinfecting solution to kill any harmful organisms in the air ducts.

Every residential customer should consider having air duct cleaning services performed at their home to prevent a variety of issues from the debris that can build-up. By calling 843 608-8042, customers can receive duct cleaning services for their residential and commercial properties. Schedule an appointment today for affordable and reliable service in South Carolina by simply calling 843 608-8042