Professional Home and Business Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in Charleston, South Carolina

Dryer Vent cleaning in Charleston
Dryer Vent cleaning in Charleston

There’s a massive variety and range of dryer vent types currently on the market today – but regardless of the type of dryer vents at your Charleston residential or commercial property, they all need to be cleaned on a regular – and at least periodic – basis. When dryers are operated, grime, dirt, lint, and other particulate matter can build up within its vents – and the longer and more frequently a dryer vent is used, the more of these particles will accumulate.

Air Duct Charleston utilizes high-power negative pressure vacuum technology and a range of environmentally friendly, EPA approved chemical solutions to fully and rapidly clean your dryer vents of all dust and contaminants. Air Duct Charleston’s Charleston dryer vent cleaning service will increase the energy efficiency of your property, lower your energy bills and reduce the risk of health issues associated with allergies and microorganisms that can accumulate in your dryer vent. Contact Air Duct Charleston for rapid, convenient, and competitively priced home and business dryer vent cleaning service for your property anywhere in the Charleston, SC area, regardless of if it’s a home, business, hotel, apartment complex, hospital, or any other institution.


Definitely! Given the fact that lots of home fires occur because of lint and other debris accumulated inside the dryer vent, it is mandatory to have the vents periodically inspected, cleaned and maintained in top shape. Periodical dryer vent cleaning is not only needed for home safety and the safety of your family, but also due to the fact that it can save you precious money in terms of future repairs or even on buying new dryer vents. A clogged and dirty dryer vent that is filled with lint and other contaminants will automatically be less efficient, which means you will be dealing with longer drying times for your loads and smaller levels of efficiency.

If you have recently moved into a new home and you never had the dryer vent cleaned or you have not hired professional dryer vent cleaners in the past 12 months, you should immediately schedule an appointment with us and let us assist you straight away.

Professional dryer vent cleaners will start the process by first unplugging the dryer. If it’a gas dryer, thy will turn the supply valve off to while working to prevent gas from leaking or igniting. Next, they will pull the dryer away from the wall and disconnect the duct. Lint tends to collect in the exhaust duct on the back of the dryer. The cleaner will loosen up the debris with a flexible dryer cleaning brush and vacuum excess lint. They will do the same thing where the dryer vent is outside and further check the ductwork for damage. If it is punctured, dented or kicked, they will have it replaced as lint can collect there. Vinyl and foil ducts are easy to install but they can drop and trap lint on the ridges. Ridged metal ducts offer better fire prevention if lint ignites. In fact, your local code may require it. The vent hood screws in pace over the exterior opening. The cleaners will choose one that lets aid and debris escape without letting in critters, cold drafts or weather. Next, they will measure the length of the duct they are replacing from the back of the dryer to the outside and get a replacement vent pipe that is the right diameter. Four inches is usually the standard but they should also check the owner’s manual for additional information. Smaller ducts could restrict the air flow and larger ones could increase the amount of lint that builds up. The technicians will disconnect the dryer’s vent hood and use the the metal collar from the old vent as a guide and cut a new collar to the correct length using tinsnips. They will then connect it to the vent hood and slide it in place from the pit side. Back inside, one elbow will slide into the vent hood duct and another onto the dryer exhaust. The cleaners will proceed to connect the duct lengths between the elbows, then tighten the clamps at the connection points and seal the seems with foil tape. If the dryer vent has a lot of twists and turns or longer runs, you should always rely on a professional service like our for more peace of mind and quality work every time.

Typically, you should expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $170 to get your dryer vent cleaned, depending on a number of factors. The hourly dryer vent cleaning prices are between $45 and $200. Usually, dryer vent cleaning is not a process that takes a lot of time. However, in case the cleaners discover some severely clogged vents and ductwork, or if they need to clean ducts with a lot of twists and turns, they will need to rely on more specific tools and put in more elbow grease, which means the prices will automatically go up. If the pipes need to be replaced, you could also be charged more money and the same goes for any other non-standard problems that may arise at the site. Ultimately, the amount of time that a professional cleaner will need to each the lint blockage and clean it fully will determine the final price you will be charged.

On average, dryer vents should be thoroughly assessed and cleaned professionally at least once a every 12 months. It depends on the actual size of your household as well as on how often you normally use your dryer vent. If you do a lot of loads and you have small children or there are several members living in your households, you may need to have the dryer vent cleaned three or more times a year.

When a dryer vent is hot, it usually means that you are dealing with a dirty, clogged or broken vent that will require immediate assistance. While the vent may get a little warmer when in use, it should not get overly hot to the point that it is almost impossible to touch it. When this occur, it is most likely a matter of the dryer vent failing to correctly remove all the air out the way it is supposed to, at the end of each drying cycle. If you see the dryer vent is getting too hot when using it, schedule an appointment with us or you could risk a home fire and other similar problems.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning service in Charleston, SC

The importance of Dryer vent cleaning in Charleston is as follows, most homes in South Carolina have dryers. These dryers help people dry their clothes after they are washed. After each use of the dryer, most people know that they must remove the lint from the lint tray. This is the particles that come off the clothing during the dry cycle.

It is then blown out of a vent that passes through the filter in the lint tray. Although this filter catches a lot of the lint that comes off the clothing, it does not catch it all.

Unfortunately, many people do not pay much attention to the dryer vents. These vents can become clogged by the build-up of lint that has escaped the lint filter tray. This can pose many risks to the dryer and the home. Fortunately, residential customers can get assistance with dryer vent cleaning by calling 843 608-8042 in Charleston SC.

How to Tell if the Dryer Vent is Clogged and needs cleaning

There are several signs that can signal to residential customers that their dryer vent is clogged. It is important to be aware of these issues and take action as soon as possible. Delaying a proper dryer vent cleaning can pose serious risks for the dryer and the home. These signs include:

  • Longer than normal drying times – if the clothes being dried are taking an excessive amount of time to dry or require extra cycles to completely dry, there may be a clog.
  • Excessive lint or debris at vent opening – if there is an unusually large amount of lint collecting outside the home where the vent opening is, there may be an issue.
  • Hot to the touch – if the dryer seems to feel hot on its exterior during or shortly after use, it could signify that the dryer is working overtime to get clothes dry and cannot expel the excess air due to a clog.
  • The smell of something burning – if running the dryer creates a smell of something burning, it is important that the machine is stopped immediately. Lint is very flammable. Clogs in the vent or dryer can catch on fire. If a burning smell is noticed, immediate action needs to be taken to prevent a serious fire.

If any of these warning signs are noticed, residential customers should contact a professional for dryer vent cleaning and dryer duct cleaning in Charleston SC at (843)608-8042. The team can provide a thorough dryer vent cleaning to ensure the air can pass properly out of the dryer. They will also provide dryer duct cleaning to prevent any clogs in the path out of the home.

The Dangers of a Clogged Dryer Vent or Duct

If a dryer vent is clogged, the air from the dryer cannot properly escape. The dryer works by heating air and then blowing through the clothes as they tumble. This air needs to escape the dryer throughout the cycle. If this air cannot properly escape, the dryer cannot function properly.

Clogs in the dryer vent or the dryer duct can prevent the air from escaping. This can increase the time needed to dry clothes.

This can increase energy costs for this process. Excessive running of the dryer in this condition can cause the dryer to breakdown quicker. Since most clogs are caused by lint, it is important to have this removed regularly from the vent and ducts of the dryer. Lint is very flammable and can be ignited by the dryer or other means. This makes it very important for residential customers to have dryer vent cleaning and dryer duct cleaning performed at least once a year.

Residential customers can keep their clothes drying costs down and prolong the life of their dryer having professional dryer vent cleaning performed regularly. This process can also prevent the accumulation of flammable lint in and around the home. For service in Charleston SC, contact the team at 843 608-8042.

The technicians provide reliable services with years of experience in dryer vent cleaning. They have the tools and knowledge to remove all lint and debris from any dryer vent and dryer duct. This will help ensure that the air can pass through unencumbered, providing safe and efficient clothes drying. Whether the home requires immediate or regular dryer vent cleaning, contact 843 608-8042 to schedule an appointment.