Dryer Vent Cleaning in North Charleston, SC

Air Duct Charleston provides superior dryer vent cleaning in North Charleston, SC. We have helped many residents in the area achieve a safer laundry room environment.

Why is Dryer Vent Cleaning Necessary?

Prevents Fires: If you don’t clean your dryer vent thoroughly, lint will accumulate. The high temperature of the dryer can cause lint to ignite. It can cause a dangerous fire that can spread quickly.

Prevents Respiratory Illness:

The lint and dirt in your dryer vent may contain microorganisms and allergens that can get on your clothing and bedding and irritate the respiratory system.

Reduces Energy Bills: 

Lint buildup can prevent your dryer from running efficiently. It will require more power to work. Your energy bills will be higher, and your items won’t dry as quickly. A dryer vent cleaning will help your system run smoothly. It will lower your energy bills and ensure your wash is dry at the end of the cycle.

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Air Duct Charleston’s Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

We use a safe and effective dryer vent cleaning method. Our team uses negative-pressure vacuums to suck the lint out of your system quickly and efficiently. We use eco-friendly chemical solutions to remove unhealthy bacterial matter.
Our process is environmental. We never use solutions that endanger the environment or negatively affect respiratory health.

Who We Are and What We Do in the Area?

We're the folks who know our stuff around here, and we really care about keeping North Charleston safe and sound. We don't just clean – we also want to help you understand how to make your home healthier. Pick Air Duct Charleston, and you'll get more than just a service. We're all about going above and beyond, because your health is super important to us!

Here are the steps we take when performing a dryer vent cleaning in North Charleston, SC.

Unscrew the Vent Covers and Remove the Vent Coverings: We will unscrew the vent covers and remove the coverings to gain access to your system.

Disinfect with our Proprietary Cleaners: We use a proprietary cleaner to thoroughly clean your system. It eliminates dirt, debris, and harmful microorganisms.

Use Our High-Powered Vacuum and Brush Attachment: Our high-powered vacuum and brush attachment will penetrate deep into your system to clean out dust, debris, allergens, pet hair, and more.

Seal Around the Air Vent if Need Be: If necessary, we will seal around your air vent to prevent dirt and dust, and allergens from getting into your system.

How Do I Know My Dryer Vents Need to Be Cleaned?

Here are some signs that tell you your dryer vent needs to be cleaned:

  • Your clothing is taking a long time to dry
  • Your dryer is overheating
  • Your clothing is hot when it comes out of the dryer
  • Your dryer exhaust vents are not producing any sound or steam
  • The dryer vent is hot- if the dryer vent is overly hot, your vent could be clogged or broken
  • How Often Do Dryer Vents Need to Be Cleaned?

Households should have their dryer vents cleaned at least once a year. You may need to have your vents cleaned three or more times a year if you use your dryer often.


How Much Does Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost?


A dryer vent cleaning typically costs between $100 and $170. However, the price can go up if your system is severely clogged, if you have a complex ductwork system, or if pipes need to be replaced.


Can I DIY a Dryer Vent Cleaning?


It is possible to DIY a dryer vent cleaning if your ductwork is short. But it’s best to call in a professional to get the job done correctly and ensure optimal safety.


Furthermore, you will almost always need a professional if:


Your Ductwork is Long and Bendy: If your ductwork is long and bendy, your standard brushes and tools will not access its entire length. You may push the lint and debris deeper into the duct producing a dangerous clog. Your tools can also get stuck in the bends and break off.


Your Dryer Vent is Not Easily Accessible: Some dryers are vented through the roof. If your system runs through the roof, there may be extensive ductwork to deal with. You will also have to climb up on the roof to do the job.


Your Ducts and Vents are Not in Good Condition: If it’s been over a year since your last cleaning, or if pests have gotten into your system, you may have excessive lint, dirt, and debris. If you don’t have the proper equipment to clean your system, you may create large blockages. A pro will clear out your system easily without doing any damage.


Other Airduct Charleston Services


Airduct Charleston does more than dryer vent cleaning. We also provide:


Air Duct Cleaning: Just like your dryer vents, your air duct system can accumulate dust, dirt, and grime that is unhealthy for respiratory health and causes your system to use more energy. Airduct Charleston uses negative-pressure vacuums and eco-friendly chemicals to clean out your system. We will help lower your energy bills and provide a healthy interior environment.


Mold Removal: Mold can accumulate due to precipitation and humidity. It causes odors in the home, headaches, respiratory issues, and long-term health problems. We remove mold by vacuuming affected surfaces with a HEPA vacuum that traps mold spores. Then we wipe down surfaces with antibacterial agents that prevent regrowth.


We also provide:

Airduct Charleston Provides Superior Dryer Vent Cleaning in Charleston, SC


Airduct Charleston stands out from the competition due to our nontoxic chemicals and our comprehensive service. We will check your system for damage and replace it if necessary. We will ensure you have a safe environment in your home.


Our superior level of professionalism, exceptional attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us a preferred provider. We will restore your system and bring it back to ‘like-new condition.’ Our many repeat customers can back our high cleaning standards.

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