Shortly put, it depends on the state of the air duct, the last time they were professionally cleaned and a series of other factors. Provided you and other member of the family or work employees are having unexplainable health issues and allergy-like symptoms you cannot attribute to anything else, you could be dealing with dirty, clogged, or molded ductwork that requires thorough cleaning services.

Since mold is more difficult to notice as it cans tay hidden in areas that are hard to reach and access, it is important to have experts inspects the ducts for you and assist you.

The price of duct cleaning service will depend on a number of elements, including the average industry prices that normally range between $250 and $500, as well as the city you live in, ding on the size of the space where the air ducts are located, the size of the ductwork, the number of vents you need cleaned, how easy they are to reach and clean, how dirty they are and the list goes on. Make sure you hire quality services that will ensure you are going to benefit from the best services at affordable rates every time.

If you are looking for dependable, affordable and reliable air duct cleaning services near you, our team is here to help. We strictly follow the highest standards issued by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, and our flawless work ethics recommend us as the best people for the job. No matter how small or big, simple or complex, we can thoroughly assess and clean any ductwork while maintaining the highest integrity standards.

Air duct cleaning is completed with the help of powerful equipment used for blowing and sucking the dirt and mold, and placed inside industrial containments that could cause residual debris as well as airborne dust in your house. Skilled and experienced technicians can considerably minimize the extra mess and dirt that is triggered by the use of negative pressure.

Industrial-grade vacuum cleaners are connected to the trunk line nearby the furnace. Once this system has been to work under negative pressure, our technicians will proceed to clean all the vents in every room of the house. They will also rely on a series of tools that will remove all the debris inside the branch lines, sending  them to the trunk and further into the vacuum. This negative pressure is the one that can help keep the mess to a minimum and prevent the debris from being blown into the house. It is also useful to place covers over registers so they can create more suction and stop the debris from escaping the vents while cleaned. It is also likely that some dust from vent corners to be pulled out when the vents are excessively dirty.

In some cases, especially when the vents are particularly dirty, once the cleaning tools will be used properly. However, the dust should be immediately sicked back in the system. When more dust escapes, it could be because of retrofitting or additions built to the property, with extra vents being installed in the proximity of original ones. Provided there is more than one  vent fit on a branch, more dust is expected to be pilled out of the vent.

Another reason why air duct cleaning is messy is because some clients might opt for basic services instead of the higher-level services a duct system actually needs.

When furnace filters are bent or then they are of poor quality or not fitted the right way, they will also allow the dust to exit the filter when the returns will be cleaning and exit the supply vents. We will always stop our procedures, assess the problem and immediately correct the issue an clean everything up.

Routine HVAC inspections could reveal the fact that the air ducts may require thorough cleaning. Provided you have never hired professional air duct experts to clean your air ducts, you may want to know what to expect. As a general rule of thumb, make sure you only hire services that have received certification from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. This body has regulated the standards of the air duct cleaning procedure air and this means all companies that have received their certifications are fully compliant will these standards and safety recommendations of the association.

Vacuums, access devices like saws and drills, imaging equipment like mirrors or CCTV cameras and brushes or periscopes with direct view are examples of tools that will be used during the cleaning procedure.

With the help of powerful vacuum cleaners for air ducts that will be mounted on cleaning. The trucks or portable vacuum units, whether dry or wet, technicians will remove the dirt, vermin, dust, and mold. In case of mold, experts may also need to use sanitizers in order to throughly clean all the contaminants.

Once all the leaks, cracks, and areas covered n debris and dirt have been identified, the cleaners will proceed to attach the vacuums to the ductwork and start collecting all the contaminants and vermin.


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