Air Duct Cleaning

You want to improve the air quality inside your home, reduce the amount of mold and allergen, significantly reduce dust and improve the airflow of your heating / air system and lower your energy costs. Use our air duct cleaning service! We have been offering a qualified air duct cleaning service for years, which takes care of the cleaning of each component. We offer a custom air duct cleaning service; each contract, regardless of size, deserves our full attention and attention to detail and quality. Our specialists inspect your ducts using highly sophisticated robotic cameras and do not hesitate to disinfect and / or exterminate the micro-organisms that proliferate in your air system with non-toxic products. Respect for your health and the environment is important to us!

Your air ducts, over time, are a reservoir of household dust, a reservoir of mites and bacterial endotoxins. Exposure to these allergens occurs when the dust is suspended in the air.
It is therefore very important to minimize the dust inside your pipes by performing an efficient air duct cleaning. When your duct hose is clogged, the airflow is significantly reduced, causing your dryer to warm up and malfunction. Highly flammable lint accumulates around electrical components and the heating element, which greatly increases the risk of fire. The cleaning of air exchanger and heat recovery systems can effectively solve your air quality and mold problems found in your windows and walls, while reducing the humidity and odors that contaminate your Home. They must be maintained well with a good cleaning of air ducts according to a frequency that we can estimate.  In order for your air ducts to guarantee a healthy indoor environment in all seasons, it is essential to maintain and clean them properly.

Air quality is one of the current concerns of our customers.

We enjoy an excellent reputation due to the quality of our work, our competitive prices and our respect for the premises. Our air duct Cleaning’s reputation is based on close collaboration with its customers. We are one of the few companies that always remove and clean air duct coils when we clean your HVAC system. In this way, you are guaranteed a cleaner air and are able to control the temperature of your home or office more easily and at a lower cost. Our working methods are rigorous and we are constantly looking for more efficient cleaning techniques.

With the patented equipment and the courteous and competent technicians from Air duct cleaning, you get a winning formula.  We are able to perform an assessment of the current condition of your ventilation and air ducts to determine the specific cleaning service your home or office needs.

The advantages of cleaning your air ducts are numerous:

  • Improved air quality
  • Your furnace will not have to provide extra effort to push the air into your HVAC system
  • Elimination of odors
  • Elimination of potentially harmful bacteria
  • Provides a cleaner and healthier environment for your family

Air duct cleaning can provide you with cleaning services specifically tailored to the condition of your ventilation ducts. Contact us today to begin enjoying a healthier air quality at work or at home.

First, we dislodge all the residues and contaminants that can clog the ventilation ducts, and then we put in our inspection equipment. We collect and analyze the content to make sure there are no harmful bacteria, viruses or other pests still present in your home.

If our analysis shows any residue in your air ducts, we will clean them with a disinfecting liquid to minimize or eradicate any bacterium or other organism leaving only clean and healthy air. This treatment is approved and is safe for you and your pets.

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