Is your property threatened by water damage, flood damage, or worse sewer damage in or around North Charleston? We have a wide range of talent and state-of-the-art equipment available for demolition and complete restoration of your property. We can too, and we will protect your most valuable assets and possessions! If you have ever experienced a burst or leaking pipe, overflowing sink, toilet or bath, leaking refrigerator, overflowing washing machine, water heater or dishwasher, possibly leaking air conditioner or failing sump pump, damage to your parquet floors and storm damage. For extra peace of mind, we’d be happy to help you file your insurance claim!

We will do whatever it takes to restore your home or business to 100% with our outmost experience, organization and professionalism!

Our Water Damage Process

Our excellent team of damage technicians will restore your property and take your peace of mind away by providing you with a simple yet detailed understanding of the restoration process. You’re always told what we’re doing and why, and your losses are documented every step of the way. We treat each client like a member of our own family, and you can trust our team to treat your property as if it were our own.

We’ll guide you through every stage of water damage restoration on your property, including water extraction, water restoration, and any other water removal services you may require.

When we arrive at your home or business in North Charleston or the surrounding area, our professionally trained and certified. Our technicians begin inspecting the damage and identifying the source or sources. Our team of technicians and professionals then use moisture detectors, hygrometers and in some cases infrared cameras so we can pinpoint the source of the problem. We deliver on our promise to you that we will take all appropriate steps seriously to control your water ingress and begin the drying and restoration process for your home or business.

When pumping begins, sanitizing, drying and dehumidifying your items is next. This includes removal of damaged or unusable wet material. A technician will then thoroughly dry your property and its contents using our state-of-the-art modern drying technology. We carefully monitor every step and chart the drying process with our special tests that even exceed restoration industry standards so we can prevent the growth of mold spores and ensure you can fully recover from damage.

Wastewater Treatment and Disposal in North Charleston and Surrounding Areas

Safety first! Whenever sewage (aka black water) damage occurs, the health and safety of our customers will always be our primary concern. We have talent, experience, training and all the certifications needed to decontaminate and dry sewage damaged buildings in and around North Charleston. We keep our word and protect you throughout the process.

You have to remember that sewage damage can and does contain a lot of harmful bacteria and carries some serious health risks associated with exposure. We offer the best in wastewater treatment and disposal to keep your family, employees and even your pets safe! Exposure to feces and/or raw sewage can cause illness, destroy your valuables and cause serious damage to your property. It is very important that if you encounter any sewage damage, do not attempt to clean and remove it yourself!

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