Air Duct Inspection in Charleston, SC

Air Duct Inspection in Charleston, South Carolina

Duct-Inspection Air ducts in both homes and businesses can rapidly, with even a bit of use, become dirty and cogged, impacting both the efficiency of your HVAC system operation and your air quality in turn. Many people don’t even know what’s inside their air ducts. The best way to know if there’s an issue with your air ducts is to have a professional air duct inspection performed. The fully licensed, expert air duct inspection technicians here at Air Duct Charleston utilize high tech camera technology to inspect the interior of your ductwork – and, when necessary, provide highly efficient professional air duct cleaning and repair services.

What can be inside your air ducts?

It’s hard to know exactly what might be in your air ducts. Most air ducts are built above ceilings, behind walls, and under floors – making it very hard for the average person to access by themselves. Without regular cleaning and inspection, air ducts can hold a ton of dust, dirt, debris, mold, and allergens – and even pests, bugs, and even rodent nests! Any holes or cracking in your air ducts can allow out cold or hot air, which increases your energy costs – and contamination can seriously decrease the quality of air in your property, causing asthma or allergies.


Why should I get my air ducts inspected?

If you’re experiencing breathing issues or allergies, have noticed highly increasing energy bills, smell weird scents akin to mold or dust in your HVAC system, or if you can’t recall the last time your HVAC system was professionally inspected, contact Air Duct Charleston to arrange professional air duct inspection and cleaning service. Our team can inspect your ductwork, clean and repair any and all air duct issues, and provide you with the confidence that your air quality will be healthier, your bills will be lower, and that your air conditioning and heating systems will work with more strength.

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