Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and Rugs add beauty to the home and office by adding color, pattern, and texture
to the environment. They can be expensive items that require regular and quality cleaning
and maintenance. Leaving your carpet, rugs, and upholstery stained and dingy can detract
to the beauty and serenity it gives, while allergens and dirt that come out of it are likely to
put your health at risk.

Routine use of vacuum cleaners can be helpful in keeping away some of the dirt, but it is
advisable to give your carpets, rugs, and upholstery periodic professional cleaning to
maintain original color, take out deeply seated stains and dust particles and also maintain a
healthy environment.

Air Duct Charleston offers professional cleaning services for your carpets, rugs, and
upholstery. We make use of the most advanced cleaning equipment, eco-friendly and
industry-approved chemicals for our carpet and rug cleaning jobs.

Our well-trained cleaners employ the use of hot water extraction, dry powder and bonnet
cleaning methods to get remove stains, dirt, bacteria, and allergens to give your carpets a
new look, protect the color and maintain the longevity of usage. Usually, we inspect your
carpet and rug thoroughly before deciding on the most suitable process for cleaning it.

Our cleaners are not only technically experienced on the job, but they are also highly trained
to recognize the different carpet and rug fibers and fabrics; which is why we conduct a
colorfast test and pile test before we begin to clean.

We pride ourselves on a policy that insists on using cleaning chemicals that are green
certified and completely non-toxic. This is to make sure that the environment is safe for you,
your children or staff and pets when we are done cleaning. Where necessary, we add
sanitizers to the cleaning solution to get rid of bacteria and other allergens for a much
healthier carpet or rug.

Cleaning your carpet is the key part of our job but it does not just end there; having a fresh
burst of air is part of the whole package for us. When we are done cleaning, we also
deodorize, buff and spray your carpet, rugs, and upholstery. This is to give it fresh, clean
scents, neutralize foul odors and create an invisible barrier around the fibers.

You do not have to worry about how fast your carpet and rugs will dry when you call us to
clean for you. Air Duct Charleston does not only assure you of a deeper clean but a fast dry.
We make use of hot-air dryers to get the water out and make your carpet dry fast enough
so, you and your family or staff can get back to enjoying your home or office space in no
time. Getting your carpets and rugs to dry fast protects it against the risk of mold or mildew
or any dirt-attracting residue.

So if you have come across disgusting stains on your carpet, rugs or upholstery or it has
been ages you had them professionally cleaned, what are you waiting for? Call on us today!

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