Mold cleaning in Charleston, SC

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Residential and commercial customers in the Charleston SC area know how important reliable and regular mold cleaning can be. The South Carolina climate can be hot and humid for a large part of the year, and hiring a good commercial air duct cleaning and mold cleaning service is a key factor in keeping your home or business a healthy place in which to live or do business.

Dust, pollen, and mold problems can occur at any time of the year, but mold becomes a major problem after severe weather, such as a hurricane, affects the area. In the aftermath of a major storm, high humidity and temperatures coupled with widespread power outages create the perfect conditions for mold growth.

Reasons to call a professional:

  • Have skills and specialized equipment
  • Able to reach hidden areas
  • Reduces the burden on storm victims
  • Black mold can be particularly dangerous
  • Determine the type of mold and remediation plan
  • Mold Testing

Dust and pollen are common reasons for contacting a commercial air duct cleaning service, but calling 843 608-8042 will also bring the region’s best mold cleaning experts to your location. You may be tempted to try to do clean your air ducts yourself, but our professional staff has the knowledge and tools to do the job right. And it is one less cleaning chore that you have to face as mold exposure can be tricky to deal with.

Mold can be found in your air vents or drip pans which you can’t immediately see. Its a smart idea to routinely service your HVAC system to avoid any mold. If it isn’t serviced regularly mold in the air can be found. Air Duct Charleston can inspect, do a mold remediation to get rid of any mold or mildew. 

It is a huge job cleaning up after a hurricane or other severe weather event, one that can include carpet removal and wall demolition. Mold damage can be costly and dangerous. Residents not affected by storm surges may still find themselves dealing with soggy carpeting and damp walls.

Opening windows is the first step in drying out a water-logged building, but running fans is impossible until power is restored. Meanwhile, all the hidden areas in a home or business offer ideal conditions for the growth of mold.

While many homes and businesses can handle minor to moderate mold cleaning themselves, they often require a dedicated mold cleaning company to tackle those hard-to-reach corners in their air conditioners’ ductwork. These air duct cleaner companies have specialized equipment and skills that will eliminate problems in those hidden areas.

During the first phase of your clean-up effort, covering HVAC vents and intakes is a good idea. This measure helps isolate cleaned areas from recontamination by mold spores already present in the system. Only a qualified air duct cleaner can deal with those areas effectively.

Surfaces may look clean to the casual eye after the expected mud, dirt and obvious mold are removed, but you and your family or employees may sense that everything is not quite right. At the first sign of low indoor air quality, call 843 608-8042.

Mold problems:

  • A stale and musty odor when the air conditioning is running
  • Headaches, stuffy noses, itchy and watery eyes
  • Long-term health problems

Other than bringing musty and unpleasant odors into your indoor environment, mold presents a serious health risk to those with allergies, suppressed immune systems and other chronic health problems. This is why engaging a professional cleaning service is one of the first thing you should do after a disaster.

Along with poor air quality, you may also notice signs of mold growth around vents and air intakes throughout the building. Mold is also growing inside the duct work and, whenever the air conditioning system is running, millions of mold spores are being wafted throughout the office. When this happens, it is time to set up an appointment with our quality commercial air duct cleaning and mold cleaning experts at 843 608-8042.

We offer an affordable and reliable mold cleaning service in coastal South Carolina. Our team will help you get your life back after a disaster. Protect the health of your family and employees by eliminating harmful mold spores and remove the mold from your duct work. Call us at 843 608-8042.

Mold Removal

Fortunately, flooding and wind disasters are relatively rare events even in South Carolina. Most of the year, people living in Charleston SC enjoy a high quality of life. Regular residential and commercial maintenance needs, such as mold cleaning, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning service or dryer duct cleaning, may be what your home or business needs. Call 843 608-8042 whenever your home or business needs a deep cleaning.

UV light purificationResidential and Commercial UV Light Installation

Residential and Commercial UV Light Installation

UV Charleston – Indoor air quality is often worse than outdoor air quality due to the regular build up of mold, germs, allergens, and volatile organic compounds within residential properties.

By installing a UV light purification system within your existing HVAC system, you can greatly improve the air quality of your Charleston property. Without UV lights installed, many HVAC system air filters cannot filter out germs, viruses, mold spores, odors, and VOC chemical vapors (which are usually caused by pets, smoking, cooking, paint, solvents, gas, oil, and even carpets.) When ultraviolet light is installed in HVAC systems, a UV-C lamp and an activated carbon cell bank will work in turn to reduce the presence of microbes and odor, with zero production of ozone.

UV Light Installation Charleston, SC

Ultraviolet light catalyzes the microbes that can flow throughout the air, instantly destroying viruses and bacteria – and activated carbon will absorb and contain chemicals and nasty odors, while self-cleaning (activated carbon filters requires very little, if no, maintenance.)

Germicidal or UV lights for HVAC systems are used to kill the DNA of germs, viruses, mold spores, bacteria and fungi as they pass through the air handler system. A strategically placed UV light is very effective at killing close to one hundred percent of these harmful pollutants. Here at Air Duct Charleston we are experts at installing, and maintaining these lights. 

Contact the UV Light Installation service experts here at Air Duct Charleston for instant assistance with installing UV lights at your Charleston home or business.