There are many causes of water damage and it is important to be familiar with all of them. The most important thing is to act quickly. The sooner you call, the better your chances of minimizing damage and protecting your property, money and time associated with dealing with flood damage.

The most common causes of water damage include: Carpet water repair, flooding and unsealed walls and floors.

While you can’t prevent natural disasters, you can minimize damage. Most homeowners don’t seal their walls and floors, or even if they do, there are crack openings that were not properly sealed. All of this puts your home at a higher risk of water damage from flooding. Therefore, it is better to seal the floors and walls. But even if you’ve waterproofed them and the damage is still there, call us today for Daniel Island water damage restoration services. Our experts provide you with fast and comprehensive water removal services.

Clogged downspout

Blocked gutters and downspouts are a common cause of flooding. This usually happens when excess rainwater cannot drain away. Standing water seeped through the foundation and seeped into the walls of the house.

Other causes may be:

Plumbing leaks,

Faulty or defective household appliances and

HVAC issues.

Instant water removal and cleaning services by certified professionals for your complete satisfaction.

Whatever the cause, express water removal, cleaning and restoration services can help you get through this challenging situation smoothly and quickly.

That’s what we’re best known in the industry for. We provide world-class emergency water removal and cleaning services. We provide the best water extraction services using industrial grade and advanced equipment to your complete satisfaction.

At our company, we have the experience, team members and equipment to handle all types of flood work.

We are equipped with high tech water positioning tools, commercial fans and powerful water extractors to help us provide a thorough water extraction service.

We use the best technology and proven methods to dewater your property.

But our service goes beyond that, because we know pumping isn’t enough.

Moisture can linger under floors, in walls, and in various other hidden places. So, after removing and extracting moisture, let’s focus on the drying and dehumidification process.

We ensure your furniture, floors and rugs are properly dried without leaving moisture, which helps prevent further damage.

Rest assured, when you hire water removal services from our company for a Daniel Island water damage restoration job, you can rest assured that the job will be performed according to the latest industry standards.

In addition, we offer you the widest range of services including but not limited to pumping, commercial drying, mold restoration, carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, drywall repair and water damage restoration.

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