Is your house flooded or a burst pipe causing serious water leaks? Unattended flooding can lead to an imminent disaster. Call us for water damage and flood restoration in Isle of Palms today.

Water damage is a serious problem. It poses a potential risk to your health, encourages mold growth on your property, and most dangerously, it can cause an electrical disaster that can lead to blackouts, electrocution and even fires. So don’t waste time at the first sign of a water leak. Hire our experts to control flooding, burst pipes or water-related damage and restore your property from debris.

We are a local family run cost damage repair, water rescue and water damage repair business located in Charleston.

Our company provides fast and excellent service for any flood or water damage in Isle of Palms. We ensure your complete satisfaction.

No matter what caused your water damage and how severe it is, we are ready to take on your extraction or restoration tasks. We have state-of-the-art equipment and talented staff to handle any situation. Call our Isle of Palms, SC., Water damage restoration team – we serve the private and commercial sectors.

You never know when disaster strikes! And if flooding or flooding occurs in Isle of Palms, it needs to be dealt with immediately. Any delay will make things worse. We provide 24/7 emergency service. So if you need water damage repair any time of the day, any day of the week, give us a call today and we’ll come to your door.

What can cause water damage in Isle of Palms?

Water damage in Isle of Palms can occur for a number of reasons. You should be aware of this and act quickly to limit further damage.

  1. Flooding: If the flooding is due to a natural disaster, there is nothing that can be done about it. Your only option is to call us as soon as possible. However, if your home or office structure is well built and maintained with few or no unsealed cracks, your damage is likely to be less.
  2. Burst pipes: If a pipe in your bathroom or kitchen leaks or bursts, it may not flood the place, but it will gradually seep in and damage the walls. If you notice signs of damp in your walls or floors, contact our team immediately.
  3. Sewer overflows: Heavy rains may cause sewer overflows. This brings water back into your home, which you need to vacuum immediately.
  4. Clogged drains: If your property has clogged drains or gutters, it means water is pooling and stagnant. Water damage isn’t the only problem here. Standing sewage can even affect the well-being of the people who live or work there. Without further ado, hire Isle of Palms water damage restoration expert.
  5. HVAC system problems: Sometimes minor problems with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can also cause water leaks, which can lead to damage. Not only do you need to call our team, you need to call an expert to fix your air conditioner.

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