Timing is of the essence when your house is flooded. You need a professional water restoration contractor to remove, repair, and clean all flood-affected areas of your home.

When your home is flooded, water damage and mold can quickly set in. It is important to have quick and responsive water repair and cleaning times to mitigate and remove water from your home before it causes a mold outbreak.

First, our water removal and cleanup teams inspect flooded areas, move out and take apart your home, and begin water removal. We will also be performing necessary restoration work in Johns island.

Water damage repair

Specialized pumps and vacuums are used for water removal, extraction and purification, capable of collecting and removing hundreds of gallons of flood water per minute. Much faster than a mop and bucket! Our Johns island-based restoration company’s trained experts inspect each affected area and may perform multiple water removals depending on the size of the flood or spill. This also increases the likelihood that the flooded area will dry out completely to compensate for any water damage or mold.

When your home is flooded, calling us immediately can get our water restoration and cleaning teams to work faster and reduce flooding in your home.

Our team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide emergency restoration services in Johns island, SC.

Water Restoration

After draining and clearing the flooded or spilled area, our team begins repairing and repairing the damaged areas of your home.

Once all the water has been removed and the affected area is dry, repairing and restoring your home from water damage is the final step. Our repairs or restorations may include minor things such as fixing baseboards, plasterboard, replacing tiles or carpet. In the event of major flooding, our team can overhaul and restore any structural component, foundation or floor. All repairs and restorations will be discussed with you prior to any work with options!

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