In most cases, damage and flooding in basements is caused by internal equipment failures such as water heaters or washing machines, or even damage from external factors that cause tap water to freeze or heavy rain. You need a professional who knows how to do a complete basement water damage cleanup and building dry out so you can get there as quickly as possible before more damage is done to your property.

So if you’ve suffered significant damage from sudden storm damage, or your basement has some water damage from a burst pipe, or even the smallest amount of pipe leak damage, you need our home water damage repair team to fix it. When you need emergency water removal services in and around Summerville, we start by inspecting your home or business from the ground up to ensure excess water and moisture is removed.

If your basement is flooded or your basement is completely flooded, be sure to call us so we can begin repairing your basement water damage right away.

Water Restoration for Summerville Region

Disasters happen, and we want you to know that you can always count on us to restore service during these times. We specialize in water damage and water damage restoration throughout Summerville area! Whatever your water restoration needs, our team has professionally trained water damage restoration specialists and the latest tools and equipment to get the job done right. We provide residential, commercial and industrial flood services at Summerville region. Our team are industry certified and we want you to know that we always follow the latest company and industry guidelines for repairing water damage.

Professional flood repair for Summerville region

If your home or business in the Summerville areas of SC is at risk of flooding, flood damage, or duct damage. We have the most comprehensive knowledge and the right modern equipment to demolish and fully restore your property, we can protect your most valuable assets and treasures. When you have broken pipes or leaks, sink overflows, toilet overflows, bathtub overflows, refrigerator overflows, washing machine overflows, water heater and dishwasher overflows, air conditioner leaks or sink overflows, pump failures, parquet floor damage and storm damage. We’re also happy to help you with damage reports!

By building positive, honest and open relationships with everyone involved in your project, we work together to provide only the best emergency, recovery and reconstruction services for the Summerville region. No matter what, our team will provide the best customer service in Summerville area!

We can do whatever it takes to restore your home to 100% quickly, methodically, and professionally!

Our water damage restoration process

Our dedicated flood team will restore the property and allay your concerns or fears by providing detailed insight into the recovery process. You always know what we’re doing, and your claim documents every step of the way. We treat each client like a member of our own family, and you can expect our team to treat your property as if it were our own.

We’ll guide you through every stage of water damage recovery, including water extraction, water restoration, and any other water removal services you may need.

When we arrive at your Summerville property, our professionally trained and certified technicians will first inspect your damage and determine the cause of the problem. Our team of technicians and experts then use moisture detectors, hygrometers, and in some cases even infrared cameras to pinpoint your problem and find the cause. Our team promises to take all appropriate steps seriously to control your water situation and start the drying and restoration process for you.

At this point, start pumping your property, then sanitize, dry, and dehumidify your home or business. This includes removal of damaged or unusable wet material. Our team will thoroughly dry your home or business and its contents using our latest modern drying technology.

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